29 October 2008


Do you think anyone would mind if I went feral? Cats and dogs can, and no thinks less of them for it. In fact, they gain a sort of respected status. I almost went feral today. I almost threw down my backpack, ran down to the train tracks, and disappeared into the nearby undergrowth. I'd probably make friends with a fox or some squirrels, move in with them, work on growing an awesome bushy tail. I might return to civilization now and then for a free lunch or a little attention.

Would I mind so much if the rest of the domestic humans looked at me with respect, but a little fear? Would it bother me if I overheard whispers of "Careful! She bites!"?

I didn't go feral today. I might have, but I was wearing fancy boots and a cute skirt. Alas, I'm very fond of wearing fancy boots and cute skirts.


Laura. said...

i don't mind if you go feral as long as you a) keep paying half the rent and b) don't bite me

Innocent Male said...

I have often thought of that. As wild birds become accustomed to captivity, they lose their survival instincts...a process called "imprinting." I suspect the same is true of humans born in captivity (oh, I mean civilization). I want mine back, personally. I want to restore my natural wild self, thank you very much. Now, how to undo 31 years of imprinting...