21 October 2008

i am supposed to be at the gym. but i am not. i skipped it for some time at home, hot chocolate, and clean dishes. i am never as productive as i mean to be, as i want to be.
it is getting cold.
i should go to the studio.
and tomorrow morning, i should go to the gym.
here is my favorite thing from our camping trip:
i have so many pictures, but need to figure out a better way to get them onto my computer. or i need to learn how to use iphoto.
riveting post, wouldn't you say?
amy is selling these chairs. they need new stuffing and upholstery, but the shape of them is lovely.

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aem said...

That photo (of the grass, not my slightly tragic chairs) is so beautiful! Have you thought of making a print that incorporates something like this? I love the perfect little ovals.