20 October 2008

Season changes are always reminding me to be more seasonal in my own life. A huge priority for me is to be so in touch with the natural world that my body and mind will automatically reflect the season. Like a squirrel hiding walnuts under the leaves. Like a bird searching for warmer air currents. Like a sleepy fox hiding its warm nose under a soft tail.

This weekend contained a delightful camping trip to Wild River state park where I had the opportunity to gather Horsetail, see my first Greater Potentilla, engage a Barred Owl in a brief conversation, and dance a little bit closer to a group of people I enjoy. I'm going to lay out the Horsetail next to the Black Walnut husks to dry for a few weeks. I have trouble being patient with the drying process, but it's good to know that I have medicine-making fun waiting for me a few months down the road.

Tonight, however, is a time for science, so I'll put my focus on Plant Biology and temporarily trick myself into believing that the xylem and phloem of a Cedar is somehow different than the arteries in veins within me.

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aem said...

Julia, I loved your owl calls! You have more talents than anyone I know.