22 October 2008


Oh, the marvelousness of raspberries! 

The fun facts I have learned about raspberries today are as follows:
  • Raspberries used to be called "hindberries" because female deer are so fond of them.
  • Raspberries increase female libido while toning and contracting the uterus. 
  • Raspberries can be stimulating and cooling at the same time.
  • The ancient greeks referred to Raspberries as the Brambles of Mount Ida. Mount Ida in greek mythology is associated with all kinds births, adoptions, and sex. It is also a place where nymphs and goddesses hung out on a regular basis. It is thought that this mountain is associated with female deities because it was an early pagan place of worship for an Earth Mother figure.
I love Raspberry and the little life lessons its teaches to my feminine nature. Lessons about being both vulnerable and guarded, both excited and level-headed, both nurturing and nurtured. Talk about female energy!

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Laura. said...

witwew for rasberries! i'm so thankful for you and all your herbal learnin'.